Super Colour MASCARA KIKO- English Review

marzo 27, 2016,1 Comments

Are you looking for a mascara for every day but it does dry out the lashes and that above all lasts a long time?
Mascara "Super Colour" by Kiko Italia is for you!
It is characterized by 8ml of product and it costs 5,90€
Easy to remove, but strong, is the feature that most matter of the new mascara from SuperBlack color! (Available in 9 other colors, all with the same high pigmentation).

A mascara with a simple pipe cleaner and for this reason it hasn't a curved design that allows you to curl your lashes; so with only one stratum the effect is too useless, but if we make two or three layers the result is that lashes will become strong and curvy.
A mascara for all days but that requires more applications to obtain an effect of elongated eyelashes but that turns out to be a product not too excessive if we are going to wear a simple look.
VOTE: 7/10

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